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The annual membership fee to GTC Wrestling is $65 for the first wrestler, $45 for each additional sibling, and includes a GTC t-shirt for the wrestler. Part of this fee covers the membership to Oklahoma Kids Wrestling Association (OKWA) which is required to participate in OKWA-sanctioned tournaments.

We do offer a $10 non-refundable 2-week trial period for all first year wrestlers, as well as any wrestler under age 6. This fee covers the insurance for your wrestler to be on the mat. Should you choose to continue participation in the club, the remaining balance will be due at the end of that 2 weeks.


We also offer a discounted $20 membership to those 7th/8th/9th graders (can not turn 16 before Sept 1)  that are currently participating on the Grove JH/HS wrestling team, that would like to wrestle weekends at OKWA-sanctioned tournaments as part of the GTC roster. (Does not include GTC T-shirt, or participation in the end-of-year banquet.)

GTC Membership Payment
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Thank you for your annual membership!

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